Royal Skin | 24K Gold Placenta Bio Cellulose Mask Sheet [Sponsorship]

June 26, 2015

Well, hello there. It's been awhile since I last updated. I've been pretty busy lately that I don't have time to take care of my skin and my skin got pretty bad these few weeks that it became dull and I got tanner from the last outdoor training I had. I was pretty upset when I have bad skin days UNTIL, these wonderful mask I receive came to me. 

I was told that it helps in moisturizing, whitening, tightening skin and anti-wrinkles. I just can't wait to try them!

Here's a short summarise to what is it

It contains royal jelly extract that plays a vital role in moisturising, preventing dry-skin, soothing, protecting and balancing our skin. 

I don't know about you, but I can say I can see the whitening effect on my face after using it! 

I'm in love with it. I always have the hard time finding the right mask to use cause some mask just don't work for me.. But this is just right. Also it's all the way from korea and I always trust korean skin care. No doubt they are the best!

You can get them exclusively only at @ 
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