YOKO Essential Kit [Review]

December 01, 2014

Hey guys! Today i'm here to share with you a lil bit of body essentials stuff. It's very important to take care of our body skin. We don't want dry and unhealthy skin since we girls tend to wear sleeveless clothes more. Therefore, my title says it all. I'm gonna share with you about this wonderful body care product.

Thank you Nattacosme for sending this over! This is a milk series. They have other series maybe you could check them out for more!
4 simple steps with YOKO 

Step 1: Hair Spa Milky Rich

I love this Hair Spa Product. My hair is smooth and the smell of milk is just nice. It doesn't smell like milk but more to fragrance milk. Never to forget. it lasted for 2 days! most of the hair treatment product lasted 1 day only. 

Step 2: YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath
This body scrub is made from butter and salt. I love this a lot as it cleans throughly and leaving out skin smooth and soft like butter! And also with this, it helps the lotion to absorbs well in our skin. 

Step 3: YOKO Milky Body Lotion

This is by far my favourite lotion! I usually apply lotion at night only because I don't like going out feeling sticky. BUT THIS! My skin is not sticky at all BUT, smooth. It contains Milk Protein, Vitamin B3, Licorice Extract and Vitamin E which is all we need to have healthy skin. I say this is MUST to get.

Step 4: YOKO Body Butter Cream

 I apply Butter Cream at night because its more moisturising compare to the lotion and also I sleep under air-condition room so it helps my skin from being dry.

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Thank you Nattacosme for giving me this. That's it for today!
xx, Cheryl

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