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December 04, 2014

Apart from dressing up myself and putting makeup, I love to accessorise myself. I love to buy but I always lose my stuff and some of the accessories are not that cheap so I get annoyed sometimes and I just prefer to buy good quality but affordable prices stainless steal accessories. 

Hereby, I proudly introduce you, OLLIE JEWELLERY. They offers Sterling Silver Jewellery at fractional prices where anyone can afford to wear elegant looking accessories. 

I was given a choice to choose for the necklace and bracelet. I've chosen my favourite and I must say I'm impress with the quality. At such price, you couldn't ask for more but it's amazing how it doesn't break easily. I remember I bought necklace chain which is more expensive than Ollie's and it broke in less than 3 days. I was so annoyed until I stop wearing necklace. 

I always love bracelet but because i'm still in school, I don't have the chance to wear them except during the weekends or special occasions. I wear this bracelet whenever I go out and I don't know how I should say but it's just nice, it suits every occasions I go. Maybe it's the beauty of it that it suits everyone. With it's beautiful pearl, it may sounds a bit old fashion but in a modernise way, it's part of the fashion now. 

I love Ollie Jewellery and I thank them for sending over these beautiful accessories. 

To all my readers, it's almost Christmas and New Year, perhaps you wanna buy a gift for yourself or your best friend, here's the chance for you. Key in my name "CHERYL" upon your purchase and enjoy 30% off!

This offer valids from today (4th Dec 2014 - 4th Jan 2015)

For further information,

That's all for today,xx, C

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  1. You look absolutely stunning in those. I would think you would look equally great in the pieces that I designed.