Kiss Me x Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner & Heroine Make Eyeliner Black

September 22, 2014

Hey people!Today's write is all about makeup. We girls would know that the most important makeup you need is an eyeliner. Eyeliner plays a vital role in order to change your look. Buying an eyeliner is one thing but finding a good one is another thing. I've been searching for a good eyeliner and you can always see me entering SaSa or Sephora shop just to use the tester. 

After finding for so long, let me introduce to you all Kiss Me. It's originated from Japan and they have various line of eyeliner for you to choose. Personally when it comes to eyeliner, I prefer using liquid because it's more neat and i'm an amateur user so using a pencil is not quite ideal for me. Furthermore, eyeliner's line are now advancing to instead of using a thin sleek brush, they now comes with pen. I love using pen because it's more convenient.

The other day I walked pass SaSa and I was looking for eyeliner and I saw KissMe brand. I tried and I was wowed by it. I always love dark black sleek eyeliner I don't know why. We all know finding a waterproof and smudge free eyeliner is easy but getting the right one is hard. You really have to spend a lot to really know what's good.

Let me introduce you the first eyeliner I got.

KissMe Heavy Rotation Marken Pen Eyeliner #1 Deep Black (RM 49.90)

It's a marker type so it's a bit fat. I have mono lids and I need thick eyeliner to really enhance my eye.

This product claims to
- Allows easy creation of both fine and thick lines.  
- Fast drying super jet-black eyeliner
- Long-lasting and smudge free, but easy to wash off with warm water. Contains Hyaluronic Acid  (moisturizing ingredients).

The second product I got is a very thin eyeliner.

KissMe Heroine Make Eyeliner (RM 49.90)

(Left hearts : Heavy Rotation, Right Hearts : Heroine) (Upperline : Heroine, Downline : Heavy Rotation)

 The products claims to

-Being highly-resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum, this product allows you to keep the 'just applied' finish   throughout the day.  
Can be remove by lukewarm water
- Can easily be removed with lukewarm water despite the long-lasting finish.
Jet-black colour to add greater definition to your eyes
- Enhanced blackness gives an even darker colour and powerfully accentuates your pupils for a striking look.
Easy-to-draw ultra thin brush
- An elastic ultra thin brush ( only 0.1 mm-wide tip ) was adopted. With the firm super fine brush, you can easily draw even the most difficult lines perfectly, such as the thinnest line along the eyelash base and upward lines around the outer corner of the eye

Now Shall we test how easy it is to clean?

You see how the water stays and it doesn't smudge? Definitely waterproof!

Easily clean off with just a luke warm water. Helpful when you're new to eyeliner and you always do mistakes. Good way to erase your mistake with just cotton bud and water. So you don't have to use makeup remover.

You can buy this Eyeliner from Any SaSa store while stock last!
xx, C

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  1. You can actually purchase it in Watsons or Guardian too... Might be cheaper sometimes when they have a sale going on. =P