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January 16, 2014

Chinese New Year is around the corner already! Have you got your Chinese New Year essentials yet? I think i'm almost done with it except for the fact, i'm still looking for more like another pair of shoes and blazer. So, I last friday, I went on 5 days sweet escape to Genting and KL and i just got back las 2 days. I've been really tired these few days I don't know why but, I've definitely been sleeping a lot these days. Anyway, I'm here to share with you about what I got from both Penang and KL for the past months. I've definitely been spending a lot and I need to start looking for job but my car driving license is really killing me for the prolong. *Sigh.

Let's start from my top:
From top left anti-clockwise) :
 Bralet Top from Hutz Fashion
Crop Top from Forever 21
Crop Top from Hutz Fashion
Red Cut Out Top from Shoplooh

Tank Dress from H&M
(I got both color white and black cause I really like both color so i think it's okay to get both and it's cheap cost around RM 40 each. You probably can see the white color is actually bigger in size because it's size S whereas the black is size XS. I fit better in XS. Wearing S makes me seems like I steal other's people shirt. 

So if any of you interested in this white tank dress, PM me so maybe I can trade in for XS because I was dumb enough to throw away the receipt :(

Skull head sweater from H&M

Side zipped shorts from Forever 21
Zara Inspired skorts from Charlotte Katy
Studded high waisted short from Forever 21

 Black jeans from H&M (REALLY COMFY)
Leggings from H&M

High waisted tight skirt from H&M
Pleated skirt from Shoplooh

I guess you can really see that my apparels are all from the same shop. I just don't know how to buy different shop. Other than that I enjoy buying online because it's way cheaper. I'm not the type of person you think who wear RM 100 for one clothes. Maybe I used to but it hurts to see I wear a few times only and I don't wear it already. :/

Jeffrey Campbell boots inspired from Agape Boutique
Grey Pumps from Agape Boutique

Anyway, my parcel arrived when I was down in KL and i'm so excited to share with you guys! stay tune and I'm gonna do a review alright? Keep reading! When the page views keep increasing although I did not update, it makes me really happy and having the need to blog more! Thank you for your support! Thank You 
xx. C

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