DIY Sushi Candy with Popin' Cookin

December 21, 2013

Hey guys I know it's been awhile i'm here I've been continuously updating my Dayre but my blog will be an official place for to write about. Anyway, the other Yuenie discovered a DIY Sushi thingy and so we tried it out. It was actually a candy and not sushi. You can find it in Sakae Sushi BTW!

Inside the box it contains: 
A Tray

From left: Tamago, Tuna, Tray A and Tray B (Fish Egg), Seasoning sauce, Rice

Don't know how to do cause the package is written in Japanese? It's okay. I can help you out :D All you have to do is these simple steps:

1. Fill water into the tray and follow the line given. 
2. The blue package is for the sushi rice. Pour them in the tray 
3. Mix them well.  
And you will have something like that. 
4. Pour the yellow into the tray. 

 You know the drill, mix them! 
5. Repeat the steps for Tuna. 
6. Then fill package A and B into the tray label respectively. 
 Mix Tray A well

 Then Mix Tray B
7. Get the water pumper and pump the seasoning from Tray and Drop them to tray A. As the picture shown. 
8. Scoop them up and you might wanna take out the excess water. 
9. Next cut the Tamago and Tuna into half and just put it to the sushi rice! 
10. Here comes the seaweed. Pull and stretch them on the plastic paper as shown in picture. 
11. Wrap them up and you can put the fish egg on them. And you're done! 
I Hope this helps you a lot! Tomorrow i'll be off to my holiday. Follow me up on dayre, instagram or twitter for daily updates. I can't wait to come back and share it to you all :) Till here. xx

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