Star Cruise Superstar Gemini

January 05, 2013

Well, hello there.. So, yesterday after school, I embarked on Superstar Gemini with family and relatives. It's the first time, Star Cruise brings Superstar Gemini to Penang. Well you know, my family have a thing to go on a cruise whenever they have the urge to play Jackpot games. When my mom first heard that Superstar Gemini coming to Penang for 3 weeks, she quickly book with no procrastination. Whether was such a party pooper. It was raining and I don't get to go to the upper deck to take more pictures.

I got to say that I love Superstar Gemini. It's bigger and nicer compare to Superstar Libra. First of all, The cabin is much more bigger and comfortable. I'm not saying that Superstar Libra is not comfortable, just more comfortable. About their cleanliness, I don't know, it's alright to me but, there's people complain about cockroaches underneath their blanket. But, my cabin was all clean.

If you've been to Superstar Libra, you'll get what I mean by more comfortable.

Sofa Bed

 LCD TV with several Astro Channel

Took off and walked around before dinner. They have China Duty Free there. So you can buy all those  branded fragrances, handbags, eyewear or chocolate for a little cheaper than you buy in Malaysia.

They have varieties of fragrance but this was really cute >.<

Had dinner at Mariners, Buffet dinner. Food is not really that satisfying but overall it was okay.. Too many people walking around and queuing up and it's making stress >.<

You can see my dinner clearly :D really full x.x (gotta go back to dieting days)

Tour around the cruise right after the rain stop. I failed to find for the Stardust Lounge where activities and show will be held hence, I missed the show :( what a waste...

Pool Deck.I think it's slightly smaller than Superstar Libra but anyway, you should totally check out Superstar Virgo. If I have the change to embark on it, I wouldn't miss it.

 Saw this long ship. I think it's Cargo

 I wonder what if we dunk to hard and the ball bounce out :D

Manage to find the Star dust Lounge on the next day :D 

Lastly, outfit of the night,
Top: Cotton On
Jeans: Giordano 
Boots: VKI, Tangs
Belt: Cotton On
Bag: Bonita

There's more place I suppose but it rained again when we walked halfway. After that I moved on to my Cabin where I can watch Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012. Woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning and went for breakfast at Mariners again. Disembarked the cruise around 11 o'clock and came back home to make Caramels and Nachos! :D Went the to The Ship, Sri Bahari for dinner and will blog about it on the next post.

Till here then,

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  1. Interesting SS Gemini review.
    I been on Gemini twice after the renovation.
    One departed from Singapore and the other one from Penang like you.

    I had never tried on any other SS vessel before, would you recommend Libra?

    1. Thank you.. In my Opinion SS Libra isn't that fun nor to the decorations. It's more or less the same with SS Gemini except for Gemini is nicer as you can see from the pictures. I never been to Virgo but i've seen some of the pictures and it seems fun! if you have the chance to embark on it, make sure you don't miss it!